How Dental Jobs 2Day Works

How to determine which subscription is best for your organization:

  1. Determine the maximum number of jobs you expect to have posted at any given time.
  2. Select the package that will allow you to post the maximum number of jobs as determined in step 1
  3. Purchase your subscription and begin posting jobs

For example:

If your company expects to post 11 to 20 jobs at once, we recommend the Gold Plan

  1. Post your jobs – they post to the website immediately
  2. Positions can remain posted as long as your annual subscription is active for up to (90) days – not (30) days like other websites
  3. Applicants will be sent to you as candidates apply
  4. Once positions are filled, delete them and post new positions
  5. You can post as many positions as you like throughout the year
  6. Just remember, you can only have the maximum of 20 positions (slots) posted at once
  7. You could conceivably post hundreds of jobs on your Gold Plan for $107.92 a month (flat annual rate of $1295)

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