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Dental Job boards can be a great resource when searching for the “right” dental candidate.  However, ignoring some simple guidelines when using a job board can often lead to little more than an exercise in futility and leave you empty handed.  Here are a few tips to assist you with your search for the perfect candidate:

Use the correct job title and only the job title.  To allow job boards to identify your post as a job posting be sure to populate the job title with only theproper job title.  If the position is a General Dentist then this what you should call it “General Dentist”, “Dentist”, “Endodontist”, etc.  Try to avoid using descriptors such as “PT General Dentist in New Hampshire needed” as the job title since this may confuse search engines causing your job posting to be overlooked or misclassified in search results.

When posting a job, be sure to use key words often in the dental job listing.  Your dental job posting should be professional and well structured with key words throughout the posting.  The job listing structure should be easily found by search engines thereby allowing you to find the right candidates.  If you are searching for a dentist, then be sure to use the term “dentist’” often.  Ensure your opening line has “dentist” in it – “High quality dentist needed in DFW for a thriving practice.”  The more often key words appears in the job listing, the more relevant search engines see the job listing when someone searches for a dental position on search engines like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Post your job more than once.  Simply posting your dental job and leaving it on the job board may not accomplish your goals.  Many job boards feed to larger job boards.  However, if your dental job listing is never updated, many job board feeds know it.  That can lead to your job no longer appearing on page 1 but instead appearing on page 20 or not at all.  Refresh your dental job listings every 30 days to allow the job board feeds to identify it as a new listing.  Change the opening line or shuffle some sentences around, whatever it takes to refresh the dental job listing.  Remember, most websites no longer show results for “stale” job listings over thirty days old.

Use niche job boards.  If you are seeking a dentist, it only makes sense to use a job board that focuses on dentists and dental professionals – such as Dental Jobs 2Day.  Niche’ job boards can help you target specific professions allowing job seekers to more easily locate your job listings.  Posting your job listing on a mega-job board can be costly and can make your job listing seem more like a needle in a haystack than a job listing easily found by dental candidates.  Post your job listings on a niche’ job board, you will reap the rewards of finding high quality candidates more quickly.

Be patient.  We all need to fill positions as soon as possible.  Posting job listings and waiting for the “right” candidate to come along can be an extremely time consuming and frustrating endeavor.  Know that finding the candidate who will meet your needs will require considerable time and effort.  Be patient and have confidence that the effort you put in to finding the right candidate by using job boards effectively will pay dividends in the end.

Be responsive.  Candidates are often applying to multiple positions since many employers either don’t respond or are very late to respond.  A great differentiator for you versus your competitors can be responsiveness.  Review candidate applications early and often to identify high potential candidates.  Once identified, contact them immediately to setup a phone interview.  Let them know you are interested in speaking with them and that you believe they may be a good fit for the position.  If reviewing applications and reaching out to candidates is treated as low priority, high potential candidates may be hired by competitors before you have an opportunity to reach out to them.

These are a few suggestions we hope will make your search for the right candidate more effective and more successful.

Good luck!!

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