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More and more you hear and read stories about employees leaving their jobs for new opportunities.  Post COVID employees have changed their attitudes and their view of work life balance.  Things like commute, late work nights, and 24/7 access via email and text are no longer acceptable to employees.  They want more.  So how do you protect your practice from the risks of the Great Resignation?  Here are a few tips that can help.

Ask your employees what you can do to make their work life better – in many cases we fear employee responses to this question.  What if they ask for more money, what if they ask for more time off, what if they ask for better benefits?  The reality is that most employees recognize there are limitations on what you, as a private practice, can provide to them.  In many cases, employees make simple and reasonable requests.  Not asking this question can cost you more than asking. So ask them now.

Build relationships with your team – Tell them “good morning” upon arrival and “have a good evening” on departure.  “Have a good weekend” works for end of day on Friday.  Ask them how their weekend was on Monday.  Don’t get too personal but let them know you care.  If someone was sick or if they had a sick family member, ask them how they are doing.  Remember, employees appreciate working for someone who cares about them and not just about the numbers.

Don’t allow the to over schedule patients – overbooking does not benefit you, your patients, or your employees so don’t allow your staff to do it.  Schedule with two goals in mind, to provide your patients with the best experience possible and to allow your employees to enjoy a solid work life balance.  The production and profitability will follow. Employees who always work late or always work overtime due to over scheduling build resentment over time.  Whether you believe it or not, they will share that resentment with patients which translates to lower quality of care and service and in turn, lower production and decreased profitability.

Celebrate your wins – employees want to be part of something that is special, or part of a winning team, so be sure to celebrate your wins.  In the moment praise and recognition can be extremely motivating to employees, so say it out loud and do it in public.  Cost is minimal to buy lunch, celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or to simply thank them for a great month.  Whatever it costs, it will be cheaper than the recruiting costs for finding a new dentist or new staff member.

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution to protecting your practice from turnover during the Great Resignation.  However, these simple steps can help you avoid the challenges of being short staffed and the devastating effects of the hardship placed on your team when someone leaves.  Make changes and take steps to protect them now before it is too late.  Let the Great Resignation be your competitors challenge not yours.

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